Midweek Lent Services 2018

T H Y   W I L L   B E   D O N E

Midweek Lent Services   2018

Not as I will, but as you will,” Jesus prayed to his Father the night before he went to the cross. That is our prayer as well this Lent as we seek to do God’s will in our lives, as we draw near to the observance of Christ’s     suffering, death and resurrection during Holy Week.  Each service in the series focuses on a different aspect of God’s will at work among us. Biblical characters are used as insightful reference points each week to guide us in following our Lord.

God’s Will and My Response: Lydia     Lydia followed the will of God by responding in faith and hospitality when the Gospel message of Christ’s sacrifice was preached to her.  We follow the will of God by responding in love and service to one another in return for what Christ has done for us.


March 7 God’s Will and My Response:


Pastor Karen Husby
March 14 God’s will and My Worldview: 


Pastor Tom Vanselow
March 21 God’s Will and my Identity: 


Pastor Karen Husby



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