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They will hunger no more, and thirst no more;

the sun will not strike them, not any scorching heat;

for the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd,

 and he will guide them to springs of the water of life,

and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

(Revelation 7:16-17)


We began November remembering the saints in our lives. We lit candles as a reminder that the light of Christ they have shared with us continues to burn brightly. We gave thanks to God for the saints we have known who have died in faith and now rest securely in the love of God.

That Sunday was a day of holy memories and holy tears. Each time we remember them, we remember that they are no longer here with us. We remember that we can’t quickly pick up the phone to call them to chat about our days. We can’t reach over to hold their hand, just because they’re close.

This time of year is hard for those of us who are missing our loved ones. The nights are long and conversations about families getting together to celebrate the holidays remind us that our families aren’t the same this year.

In the midst of this busy time of year, be gentle with one another. Remember that this is a difficult time of year for many people. Love one another in the midst of the ever-lengthening darkness and remind one another of the hope we have in Christ – that this darkness is not the end and we live in the hope that Christ will return and wipe away every tear from our eyes.

This is the hope and promise we celebrate throughout the season of Advent. God has been faithful to God’s people throughout their entire history. God has promised Christ will come again. And so, for now, we wait in expectant hope of that day when we will all be restored to wholeness and spend our days worshiping and glorifying God for the rest of eternity.


Peace & Blessings,

Pastor Rebecca


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