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Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime. – Martin Luther

Easter is almost here – can you bear the excitement?

This winter has been unseasonably warm – just a few icy snowfalls to make the morning commute take longer, but not enough to keep us blanketed in the cold for week after week. Daffodils have been blooming for long enough that they are already beginning to wilt. Pear trees and Tulip Poplars are blooming around the University of Evansville. I even have the healthy start of another robust rhubarb harvest beginning at the parsonage. Even though everything in nature is pointing toward spring and resurrection after the season of winter, we are still waiting for Easter Sunday to arrive. We are still in the midst of the Season of Lent. We are still looking ahead toward the Holiest of Weeks – Holly Week.

On Palm Sunday, April 9th, we will come together again for worship and shout Hosanna as we remember Christ’s final entry into Jerusalem. The children will place palms at the altar and we will hear the Passion according to Matthew read by members of the congregation. The mood of the day will shift, as it does every year, from celebration to solemn anticipation as we recall the events we will remember during worship during Holy Week.

We will come together for worship on Maundy Thursday, remembering Christ’s example of loving service for the sake of those who will betray him and still have doubts. On Good Friday, we will hear the Old Testament prophecies and hear how they have been fulfilled in Christ in the New Testament.

And, finally, on Easter morning, we will gather in darkness, as we watch the sun rise in the east and celebrate that Christ, God’s only Son, has risen and conquered death so that we no longer need to live in fear. We will finally get to exclaim “-LL-L—!” in worship! We will sing joy-filled hymns and hear choir anthems. We will celebrate communion and remember that Christ is present in that meal, nourishing us, and sending us out into the world to tell the world about this incredible Easter story!

But, not yet. We must still wait a little longer.

Easter is almost here – can you bear the excitement?

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