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Welcome, officially to summer! Well, at least summer will arrive this month!

The month of May has been one of transitions – graduations, moving up ceremonies, and finishing up school years. Plans for vacations and summertime child care are in the process of being finalized. Many of us get a renewed sense of energy with the possibility of freer days and evenings for the next few months.

Some of us will stay in or close to Evansville during the summer, spending time with friends and family, working on projects around the house. Others will spend weeks of their summers traveling to places they know well and places they will be exploring for the first time.

Even though the pattern of our lives will change for the summer, remember that God is with you wherever your days take you – to work, to summer camp, to day care, to sleeping in until the afternoon, to the pool, to your vacation destinations. No matter how for you travel from your family at Shepherd of the Hills, know that God accompanies you every step of the way.

For the past few years, the back side of the calendar included in each month’s Staff has included instructions for how we can do devotions at home. If you have not already begun using these to guide your devotion time with your family, I encourage you to do so this summer. There are suggested Bible readings included in the monthly calendar. If your forget the instruction sheet, remember the pattern is simple:

  1. Share something good and something bad that happened today
  2. Read a Bible story
  3. Talk about how we can thank God
  4. Pray together
  5. Bless each other by tracing a cross on your foreheads

Through these simple 5 actions, we can remind ourselves how we are connected to one another, connected to our church family, and connected to God wherever we are.

Peace & Blessings,

Pastor Rebecca

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