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Halloween! Raking leaves! Discipleship! Fall Festival! Congregational meetings! Daylight savings time ending! Football! Confirmation!

October is a busy month, my friends. Fall is officially here and we get to enjoy the cooler days before the cold of winter sets in. At Shepherd of the Hills, October is traditionally a time devoted to stewardship and discipleship. This year, we will also be celebrating the rite of Confirmation on Reformation Sunday. That day, we will both remember the work begun by Martin Luther almost 500 years ago as well as celebrating with our confirmands as they proclaim their faith in front of the congregation on October 25th.

October is a busy month, my friends. Our usual weekly activities are still in full swing. We will focus on our mission statement: to proclaim and be God’s love in the world as we study on Sunday mornings. We will gather as a congregation on Sunday, October 18th for our regular congregational meeting. We will remember and celebrate with our confirmands during worship and fellowship on October 25th.

October is a busy month, my friends. There is much work that is to be done together as we strengthen our current ministries and look ahead for new ways to be church together and in the world. Come, be a part of the Spirit’s busy-ness here!


Peace & Blessings,
Pastor Rebecca

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