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Brothers and sisters in Christ, discipleship month has arrived once again. This year’s theme is “Footsteps of Faith.” In at least one of each Sunday’s readings, if not all of them, there is some mention of faith – this was even our theme for Rally Day in September. When I see things pop up all over the place, it makes me pause to notice and wonder if the Spirit might be up to something.

As part of our discipleship month, we’re going to take a look at five footsteps that guide us along the path of following Jesus. We know there are many more than five, but looking at these will help guide us.

Each week, there will be a tangible way for us to take that week’s step from our worship together out into the world:

October 2nd: Prayer

At 2:01 daily, we will join in silent prayer, from wherever we are. We will pray for our congregation, for peace in our world, and for our faith to increase.

October 9th & 16th: Praise & Wrestling

We will gather to sing songs of praise and wrestle with how the readings each week are calling us to live out our faith.

October 23rd: Generosity

We will listen for how God is calling us to use the resources we have, through donating to those who have less and through tithing a portion of our income to our congregation.

October 30th: Freedom

We will prayerfully consider how God is calling us to use our own giftedness to serve our neighbors through our congregation’s ministries.

For some of us, these steps might seem large, small, silly, or meaningful – all of those reactions are okay! But, these are steps that our faith requires us to take, either to rejoin or continue on the path. When we take these steps our personal faith grows stronger and deeper, and therefore our congregation is strengthened.


Peace & Blessings,

Pastor Rebecca

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