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Classrooms and labs! Loud boiling test tubes!

Sing to the Lord a new song!

Athlete and band! Loud cheering people!

Sing to the Lord a new song! 

God has done marvelous things. I too sing praises with a new song!

ELW #731 – Earth and All Stars! (v. 4)


Another summer has almost completely left us – the freedom of day trips and longer vacations, lazy days spent sleeping in and relaxing, sunshine, flowers, and grass growing quickly and abundantly. But, as our bedtimes creep earlier and earlier as we prepare for the routine of school and work again, we know that we have a few precious days left to rest and relax.

Activities will be picking up again at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church. Some of these are traditions you have grown up with – Rally Day, the return of Sunday School and Confirmation Classes. But some of these are new things, like the Blessing of the Brains, saying, “Farewell and Godspeed,” to our friends Bruce and Jean, and our participating in God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday. Both old and new coming together as a witness to just how active the Spirit is here in this place.

Our calendars will quickly fill up with homework things, and music lesson things, and sports things. It will seem like the freedom we enjoyed over the summer has been squelched out by all of these other events demanding our attention. Even in the face of these weighty demands, we still have freedom because the Spirit is present with us, urging us toward those things that will help us bear fruit in the world.

As you rush around from one practice to the next or one classroom to the next, take time to think about where the Spirit is calling you? How are you bearing fruit in the world? How are you singing a new song about what God is up to in your life? How can you share the love of Christ that you have known with someone else today?


Peace & Blessings,

Pastor Rebecca


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