Christian Education

Sunday School (Weekly, 10:30 a.m.)

Preschool & Kindergarten (3-5 years old): This class learns about the stories they have just heard read during the Sunday morning service. They focus on interactive activities, music, and the message that Jesus loves them!

1st-2nd Grades: This class focuses on a different theme for each quarter. Sometimes, it’s about water. Sometimes, it’s about siblings. Sometimes, it’s about quarreling. Sometimes, it’s about Paul. They cover a wide breadth of what the Bible tells us about who God is!

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grades): This class focuses on teaching Bible stories and helping kids begin to take these stories from the classroom to their lives outside of the church building. Kids begin to learn that they have questions and that God is big enough to handle whatever questions we have.

Confirmation (6th-8th grades): This class focuses on learning more about the Lutheran faith and what makes us similar to and different from other faith traditions and denominations. Familiar Bible stories are taught again, helping the kids understand them from a Lutheran point of view. Upon completion of this class, students will become Confirmed members of the congregation. Because of this, this class does have homework if classes are missed.

Teen Class (8th-12th grades): This class builds on skills that were taught in confirmation and has students think through current events through the eyes of their faith.

New Adult Sunday School: This class will be focusing on the NOOMA Video Series by Rob Bell. Discussions may last for 1 class or they may last for a few weeks. This is laid-back class, so feel free to drop in!

Christians in Action (CIA) Class (Adults): This class rotates through leaders and uses a variety of resources for their lessons. In the past, it has been as simple as a book of devotionals and as in depth as The Bethel Series.

During the summer, we do still have Sunday School, but the children’s and teens’ classes meet together, with an adult or teen leader. These classes use a similar structure to what the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes use during the school year. The CIA Class and other adults meet for a class taught by Pastor Rebecca, either on a topic or a more in depth Bible study.

During the week, we do have a Wednesday night Bible study. This group spends more in depth time reading and wrestling with the readings for the upcoming Sunday. This group questions together and comes to Sunday worship ready to encounter those same texts again!

There are opportunities for all ages to participate in Christian Education, either as a learner or a leader. If you have an idea for a class, please talk with Pastor Rebecca to get it started!

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